Sunday, February 15, 2015


This summer we will move from our 2,000 square foot house into a 400 square foot apartment. Yup. This move it temporary, and all part of our larger long-term plan. It is also something that I am greatly looking forward to. We have wanted to downsize and simplify our life for some time now. We want to eventually build a small, sustainable home on some acreage and the move this summer will help us be able to do that in the next few years.

Last fall we spent three weeks traveling around in our 28-foot travel trailer. We loved the close quarters so much more than we thought we would and that gave us the final push we needed to make the move into a tiny space. I've already started purging lots of stuff we have accumulated (for no good reason) and it feels great. Simple is what I crave these days and simple is definitely where we're headed.

To be continued...

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